Level-3 update. Online ordering. Pick-up service.

Our online ordering system is now in place making it even easier to order your fresh Hook salmon. Instead of phoning and emailing orders through please place your order directly online https://hookwanaka.nz/shop/

Our caught to order fishing process remains the same: all fish will be caught to order. Deliveries will still be Tuesday and Friday afternoons. And you can now collect your order from Hook between 3pm – 5pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. Be sure to get your order in by 12pm the prior day.

For those collecting from Hook: please make sure you have received confirmation from us before coming down to collect your fish. Your order will be placed on a table for contactless collection.

We will be adding more options over time. Look out for our Salmon Chowder heat-and-eat coming next week.

We have made the difficult decision not to offer takeaway meals or coffees at Level 3. There are so many small businesses in town doing such an amazing job of this. Please support them if you can! The more you spend with those cafes and restaurants, the more $$$ goes into the system – and that means more people buying our fresh salmon. Make the extra effort to download their apps, pre-order your meals and support local business. You buy coffee and cake from one of our neighboring cafes, they buy salmon from us, we buy a meal from a local restaurant and so it goes on – it’s a beautiful circle if we all continue to SUPPORT LOCAL.

Thanks everyone for all your support and patience.

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