New Look New Hook


Loving Locals – New Fish Price!

First of all Thank You Angling Angels for coming and supporting us in our New Look New Hook.

We are now only open Saturdays and Sundays 11am – 5pm still serving our fresh Hook Salmon as well as pizzas and coffees.

Secondly I wanted to let you guys know that our Salmon is now at it lowest price ever! Fresh Salmon straight from the Lake caught by you and then prepared for you by us for you to enjoy.

Over the weekend we had loads of excited kids fishing for fun and birthdays, STOKED to reel in their own Salmon. We also had heaps of Adults enjoying the vino, the coffee the NEW COSY AS fire place, whilst devouring Sam our Chef’s amazing delights.

OH and last but not least don’t forget that you can order your own Salmon and Chowder online for delivery or pick up Friday between 3pm-5pm.

Thanks again Hook Fans we look forward to seeing you this weekend on LEVEL 1!

Lets celebrate with SALMON and FISHING WAHOOOO xxx

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