Spring specials + events

Spring is here! I thought it was official but a quick google tells me it’s not until 23rd September and further reading gave 4 different dates based on the equinox and solstice, solar winter, and nature. Wow. Way too much information. We’re going with 1 September because, well, it’s here!


And we have a couple of really awesome spring activities we wanted to let you know about.

First, we’re celebrating with 15% off the per kilo price of any salmon larger than 3kg caught in the Reel Deal from 2nd September until 15th September. You’ve heard of spring lambs. Well this is spring salmon – cos that’s what we do here. And man, do we do it well! And now we do it a little cheaper too. Winner, winner salmon dinner.

We’ve also jumped on board an awesome planting event on 15th September. The Upper Clutha Tracks Trust have recently opened up the Cameron Creek walking and biking track which runs right past Hook! And because it’s just so awesome, Sustainable Coastlines have come in to plant the track out in natives. Hook will be providing refreshments for volunteers afterwards. We are so proud to be part of this collaboration. Sign up to the planting event here:  http://sustainablecoastlines.org/event/cardrona-planting/

According to the Cardrona website “Spring is the best time to ski & snowboard in New Zealand!” This time we’re not going to waste facts checking with google – we know it’s true. Yes, skiing and snowboarding are 2 of Wanaka’s best attractions but now is the time to get out there and try something new.

Get out and into the great Wanaka outdoors with your family and friends today!

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